Wojnarowicz, Mateusz, Founder. 2023. Acrylic on Paper. 8.5 x 11.  © M.W. 

Mateusz Wojnarowicz

Teenage Entrepreneur & Innovator


Founder & CEO and Sole Member

Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC



Silicon Beach Corridor, California, USA

Office of Mr. Wojnarowicz: +1 (424) 234-1712

I, Mateusz Wojnarowicz, teenage entrepreneur and innovator, am the Founder & CEO and Sole Member of Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC. A Silicon Beach, CA based holding company with a total of 10 subsidiary companies which I've been developing since 2013 in the areas of media, tech, art, law, politics, history, fashion, music, healthcare, sustainability, youth empowerment, community and urban development, and international relations. Through my subsidiary companies and affiliates, I, Mateusz Wojnarowicz, operate towards humanitarian interest of economic and environmental equity in Haiti (Poland ❤️ Haiti).

I am Polish-Multiracial and a citizen of the United States and the Republic of Poland. Thus, I represent my business theory and praxis of global diversity as a key tenet of entrepreneurship. 

I was homeschooled on a year-round basis for the majority of my life and graduated from high school on June 15th 2018. I conducted post-graduation civics, community, and arts volunteerism and organizing from June 2018 to December 2018. I was accepted to college on October 17th 2018, and completed orientation on December 26th 2018. I attended college on a year-round basis starting on January 7th 2019, earning 122 bachelor's degree credits in History with an European History concentration and minor in Political Science from Southern New Hampshire University on January 24th 2022; having my bachelor's degree conferred on March 1st 2022. I was accepted to and completed the Law School Admissions Council-University of Akron Law School Prelaw Undergraduate Scholar Program for college sophomores and rising juniors as a member of the Summer 2020 cohort. In 2022 and 2023, I completed post-undergraduate certificate programs in Polish Language from Jagiellonian University of Krakow RPL.

Since 2013, I, Mateusz Wojnarowicz, teenage entrepreneur, have been studying business principles and amassing my business text and magazine library, accessing business classes and workshops in-person and virtually at Ivy League and established academic institutions, listening to business lectures, attending business meetings, observing and studying the behaviors and actions of entrepreneurial leaders, business leaders, executives, board members, small business owners, elected officials, politicians and campaign managers, community leaders, and, analyzing models of leadership, management, economics, structures, practices and ethics of corporations, academic institutions, community organizations, small businesses, non-profit sector organizations, and, thus, innovated and developed my own entrepreneurial vision as a founder.

Since 2013, I have bootstrapped all market research, activities, projects, events, production, prototyping, and media relations related to my development of each of my start-up subsidiaries within my holding company. 

From January 2022 to April 2023, I focused on research and development for founding, operating, and managing my holding company as an umbrella over my portfolio of start-up subsidiary companies that I have been experientially building since 2013, and, on April 24th 2023, I established Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC; setting forth my designing of my portfolio's websites, and, the 2023-2024 production, prototyping, and funding phase for my subsidiary companies.

Hence, I am Mateusz Wojnarowicz, teenage entrepreneur, Founder & CEO and Sole Member of Mateusz Wojnarowicz LLC, my Silicon Beach start-up of media, tech, and arts subsidiaries and humanitarian affiliates through which I pledge 10% of my entrepreneurship to economic and environmental equity in Haiti, and beyond. © M.W.